2 Pink Lines: Another Infertile Carol

Well, since the last one went over so well on Instagram (hey, I made a few people laugh, and if you know anything about the game of TTC, you know any chance to get the giggles going is a chance you don’t pass up!), I decided to try my hand at another one, see if I can’t go gold or platinum.  (I just know Capitol Records is going to come calling any day.)  (Capitol is still in business…..right?)

I “penned” (came up with it while driving home ideas behind the wheel, on the loo, in the shower, during business meetings when I’m meant to be scribing or otherwise when I should be concentrating on something else!) this little number to the tune and tempo of Silver Bells, but’s called 2 Pink Lines.   I don’t think it’s quite as funny as 12 Days of TTC, but it’s still got that wistful, hopeful looking-to-the-future feel to it, like TTC is supposed to.  Anyway it keeps my mind occupied with light and not dark.  Hope it at least makes you smirk.  🙂

2 Pink Lines

Clearblue Easy, Forelife Extra
First Response Rapid Result
In the air there’s a feeling
Of may-be

Now I’m peeing
In a plastic cup
In case my aim’s bad
Or I accidentally drop it in the loo

Two pink lines, two pink lines
I think it’s time for a BFP
Fingers crossed, clutch good luck charms
Waiting to see what it will say

Takes forever
This 3 minutes
What is taking so long?
Geez, I hope I didn’t buy one
That’s expired

Watch on egg shells
As results come
Oh, could it really be?
No it’s just an evaporation line

Two pink lines, two pink lines
I really thought it might be a BFP
But it’s not, what a crock!

I just want to be a mummy…..



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