I guess I should update on where we’re at in all this

Back before I decided to launch my songwriting career (ha!) I think I may have mentioned that I was undergoing some testing to find out why on earth I can’t get even a perfect tip top quality donor egg embryo to implant and make a baby.

Well, as it turns out, I have a generalised immune imbalance, fairly decently elevated natural killer cells in my uterus (mildly elevated in my bloodstream), as well as lactose intolerance and non-Celiac gluten intolerance.  After speaking to both my fertility specialist (whom I haven’t switched – it’s just too much trouble to switch and start over) as well as a reproductive immunologist in Sydney, I have a treatment protocol for when we go back to Zlin.

As I suspected, the RI is more aggressive in his approach than my FS.

My FS has suggested in addition to the standard medication protocol (basically HRT):

  • 10mg prednisolone daily, starting one week prior to transfer, and for two weeks post transfer
  • Clexane (heparin) injection daily (I forget the dose)- a blood clot preventer 1 week prior to transfer, and for two weeks post transfer
  • Intralipid infusion – one week prior to transfer, and another one week post positive beta (which is 10 days post transfer)

MY RI has suggested similar but more aggressive:

  • 15 mg dexamethsone daily, 10 days prior to transfer
  • Clexane injection daily (same dose as what FS recommended), 10 days prior to transfer and for 12 (yes TWELVE) weeks post positive beta
  • Intralipid infusion – one infusion one week prior to transfer, and one every two weeks post positive beta, for eight weeks (4 infusions)

Naturally, I’m going with my RI’s recommendations.  He’s got a specific interest in RI where’s my FS has only “believed” in NKC’s for about a year.

At this stage, we are looking at going over in April 2016.  Which feels like ages away, but is really not.  We’re hoping to be able to coordinate another stimmed cycle with our previous donor to bank embryo’s, in case it doesn’t work…..or in the case that it does, and if we want more kids, they will all be full siblings.  I really want that for them.  It’s very important to me.

We’re trying to coordinate the whole thing with BAUMA, which is a huge construction/civil/forestry/and mining expo held every 2 years in Munich, Germany.  If we go to BAUMA, we can claim the flights as a tax deduction.  Well, we get basically nothing for our tax dollars, so damnit, I’m going to avoid paying anything I can!

So there is a lot to organise, and save up for.  That’s the biggest drama, money.  Always money.  But where there’s a will there’s a way.  😉


6 thoughts on “I guess I should update on where we’re at in all this

  1. Are you feeling more hopeful? I think even the RI protocol is on the conservative end of the spectrum but I’m glad you’re at least being recommended to do something differently. Are you going to cut out all lactose and gluten between now and delivery so as to avoid increasing immune activation? Tough but I did it and advocate for its worthiness. I could tell my immune system gets fired up each time I eat either now. And I couldn’t eat either before – my immune system had gone craaaaazy and was threatening to block my esophagus each time I cheated.


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