About Us – The Hopeful Hearts

This is me:

(photo to be added soon)

I’m Kristi.  I’m 42 years old, and originally from Louisville Ky.  I have one sister and we were raised in the suburbs in what would be referred to as “solidly middle class”.  I’m still solid, still middle class but now I reside outside Melbourne, Victoria, Australia with my husband, Christian.

This is him:

(photo to be added soon)

He’s 41, and Aussie.  (Yes, he has a very cool accent!). He was raised in a dairy farming family with a sister and brother.  I don’t think in farming there is a middle class.  You’re either winning or battling.  Most farmers will claim they’re battling, even when they’re winning!  He later joined the army and was in the infantry for a few years before coming back home to Victoria.

We met online in August 2002.  I came over in February 2003 for a visit, fell in love with the man and his homeland and never went home.  We were married in June 2003.  Almost 12 years.  That’s more than twice as long as most Hollywood marriages!  I think we’ve proved that meeting online can be a viable avenue to a real relationship.  😉

Over the years we’ve done lots of things, professionally.  We share farmed on the family farm.  I worked at a bakery and Christian worked at a lime pit, as well as other things.  He went into civil works to gain a foothold into mining, and then once he was established in that I followed him over.  We both started in the dump trucks and Christian moved up the management ladder, while I stepped back into admin.  We lived in the Pilbara for about 5 1/2 years before we came back to Victoria.

During the week, M-F, I live and work in Melbourne.  I have a really good paying job with an international company, which is hard to come by, so I commute to Melbourne on Monday morning and I come back to our farm on Friday evening.  This makes it difficult for us because we don’t get to spend a lot of time together right now (2 days, 3 nights) but it’s a sacrifice we make now for the better of our future.

Christian runs his own small business, which is based from our farm, a specialised excavation works.  It’s still in its infancy (well, more like toddlerhood now) but it’s just a matter of time before it takes off in a big way.  Once that takes hold and matures for a bit, I’ll make one last commute, and come home for good, and I can’t bloody wait!  There is a lot to be said for city life, but I’ll take country life any day.

We have a small farm, approximately 100 acres.  It’s semi-rural, in a very beautiful area.  We have 2 neighbours within walking distance and the rest you need binoculars to see.  (Not a bad thing!)  A few years ago we built our home, and when we chose the design we chose it with family in mind: large and predominantly open planned, with LOTS of space for kids to run around.  I chose a plan that would allow everyone their own room.  It’s a great house, 2-story with a 100% wrap-around verandah.  The kids could cut laps for hours on trikes, bikes, scooters, and rollerblades…..even in inclement weather.  To our north we face the Strzlecki Ranges to the east and west there are beautiful rolling hills of farmland, and to the south, rolling hills that give way to views of Wilson’s Prom and the Corner Inlet.  On a really clear day you can see Tasmania!  (Not really, but you can see quite a ways out!).  There are a number of small towns nearby and a couple of sizeable ones.  For major shopping, it’s a 40-45 minute drive.  When I first got to Australia it felt like it took all day just to get anywhere, but now I’m used to it.

We have 1 dog, and 2 cats, and while we don’t currently have any stock of our own we do lease some acreage to a neighbour and he runs a small flock of sheep.  I love spring because of the lambs; they are so cute running, bucking and jumping as if their feet are made of springs!  Occasionally we host steers or young stock.  When I’m home the whole place will be over run with animals (I might be exaggerating) (or not!).  I have plans in a grand chook yard and house, and also space for ducks and geese.  Naturally I’d like some home production animals, and would prefer to slaughter our own beef, pork, and lamb.  Plenty of space for veggie gardens and small orchards.  I have grand ideas on permaculture.  I have grand ideas on a lot of things!

When we’re not working, we are home bodies, but get out to socialise on a reasonable scale.  We’re both doing better with this since we’ve both lost some weight, and feel better about ourselves.  Both Christian and I have fought weight issues our entire lives.  Without going too far into it, Christian is an outdoor enthusiast, whereas I’m a bit more arty-crafty – although I don’t get to do much of it.  Time constraints right now.  No point in starting something I can barely make a dent in.  I make note of things that interest me and think, “one day, when I’m home for good.”

I will stop here as I imagine as posts are made you’ll get a better insight into what we’re about individually, as well as a couple, and what life is like for us, with our hopeful hearts.  🙂


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