These are a few of my TTC things

Technically, My Favourite Things isn’t a carol.  But it seems to be on the holiday music loops in the shops, and never any other time of year, so……it’s getting a make over, Hopeful Hearts style!

The fourth single from the Grammy deserving album, Infertile Carols:

My TTC Things (My Favourite Things)

Blood tests and ultrasounds, having injections

Hoping I don’t get some kind of infection

Stock up on Tampax and Always (with wings)

These are a few of my TTC things

Appointments and schedules all ruled by the calendar

Moodiness and night sweats, memory like a colander

Babies in strollers tug at my heart strings

These are a few of my TTC things

Excess and co-pays, insurance premiums

Progesterone and oestrogen, Crinone, Endometrin

Sudden hot flushes and horrid mood swings

These are a few of my TTC things

When my period’s late, and I think what if?

I start feeling hope

Then later my undies are ruined again

And I feel like such a dope!

Waiting and praying and wishing like crazy

Hoping my donors ovaries aren’t too lazy

Not leaving the house until that damn phone rings

These are a few of my TTC things

Deep breathing, meditation, positive visualising

Wrestling with grief that is life paralysing

When will my baby get to hear me sing?

These are a few of my TTC things

Destressing, detoxing, should clean up my eating

Gained weight last cycle, esteem took a beating

I can’t fit into my favourite black jeans

These are a few of my TTC things

When it finally comes……and I’m finally Mum

Oh, I will be so glaaaaaaad

But then I remember it all has to work

And I go back to feeling soooooooo baaaaaaad


Third single released from chart topping album

I clearly missed my calling.  I mean, this much talentWasted.  If my previous employer knew what a bottomless well of creativity they were getting rid of, that retrenchment just might not have happened.

C’est la vie.  Moving on.  Australia’s Got Talent, here I come.

TTC (Jingle Bells)

 Peeing on a stick

In the loo at 6am

Waiting for results

And it’s negative once again

Throw self in the floor

And start sobbing like a child

Why do I even bother trying?

Man, this ride is wild!


What you do to me

What Hell it is to try and fail

It’s making me cra-zy!


Why are you so mean?

I cannot stop, I must go on

Damned infertility!

Another month has gone

Can’t take another fail

Another friend is pregnant now

I’m ready to spit nails

She just went off the pill

They’ve barely even tried

Now she gets what I’ve wanted

So I cannot help but cry


Why can’t it be me?

I’m doing everything I can

I wish I could break free


Hey this stuff ain’t cheap!

Emotional wreck, just what the heck

I’m broke financially

Oh, look another year

Has just gone screaming past

Another year without a child

Midlife’s approaching fast

I don’t know what I’ll do

If I never have a child

Can’t even live it up because

The bankruptcy’s been filed


It never worked for us

Needles, shots and tablets

Never once got up duff


It makes me want to scream

We’re broke, we’re old, we’re childless

But I guess we’re still a team

2 Pink Lines: Another Infertile Carol

Well, since the last one went over so well on Instagram (hey, I made a few people laugh, and if you know anything about the game of TTC, you know any chance to get the giggles going is a chance you don’t pass up!), I decided to try my hand at another one, see if I can’t go gold or platinum.  (I just know Capitol Records is going to come calling any day.)  (Capitol is still in business…..right?)

I “penned” (came up with it while driving home Continue reading